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The BWT Board and Management meets Councilman Deutsch

The BWT Board and Management continue working with local officials and MTA representatives to facilitate train noise mitigation measures and to install a fence at the W8th station platform to prevent people from tossing rocks, bottles and garbage in front of our property and to our parking lot.

  • In July 2017, we filed a complaint with the office of Governor Couomo regarding noise from passing trains. In response to that MTA engineer conducted noise measurements on our property and results were forwarded to MTA Track Department. Subsequent to that in October 2017, we received correspondence from Wynton Habersham, Senior VP of Department of Subways, notifying us that the track lubrication equipment was serviced and rail defects were corrected.

  • In October, 2017, Councilman Deutsch helped us arrange the meeting with Melissa Farley of NYCT. BWT Board and Management continue communicating with Ms. Farley and Councilman Deutsch regarding the issues of train noise and unsafe conditions around W8th station.

  • In March, 2018, we attended “A Conversation with New York State’s Transportation Leaders” at the Roosevelt House Public Institute at Hunter College and we hand delivered our petition to Joseph Lhota, President of MTA.

  • On May 29, 2018 we attended Town Hall meeting with MTA President Andy Byford and had an opportunity to present our issues. This was also reflected in local press (“People want accessible transit, clear communications and more busses – Town Hall with MTA president Andy Byford,” by Liena Zagare, May 30, 2018, HERE.

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